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Immigration And Its Impact On America Essay - 1239 Words

For hundreds of years, immigration has been the engine to social and economic progress. The social mobility of populations has always existed and will never cease. It all began with the persecution of religious groups, escaping tyrants, looking for freedom and peace. It started as a movement of religious freedom, but quickly transformed into a quest for political freedom and democracy, which even today constitutes a model for other nations. In that sense, every immigrant that set foot on the American soil, contributed to the creation of the political, social and cultural American power house. Filling in the unsettled territories of the west, populating what we now call the 51 states, immigrants made America a leader in the world, and the promised land for other thousands of immigrants, who aspired to be part of this amazing project. The impact immigration has had on America is considered one of the most significant aspects that shaped the country and will continue to do so. To begin with, one of main arguments against immigration is that people don’t change, and that they harm the American society and values. They are also perceived as being a burden, too radical, and undermining the established society. Though in reality, this is more of a result of xenophobia. The idea of newcomers has never been welcomed. One example is â€Å"Benjamin Franklin [, who] worried, that too many German immigrants would swamp America’s predominantly British culture. [then] †¦mid-1800s, IrishShow MoreRelatedImmigration And Its Impact On America Essay1917 Words   |  8 PagesAmerica as we know it today has been shaped by immigrants. It can be argued that America shapes immigrants as well. It is a nation that people, nationalist or foreign-born, desire to assimilate partially or fully into. According to a New York University professor, â€Å"Immigration, however, played a key role not only in making America’s development possible but also in s haping the basic nature of the society† (Diner, p. 2). It is a nation built on this idea of the â€Å"American dream† which varies dependingRead MoreImmigration Policy And Its Impact On America882 Words   |  4 Pagespermanently settling in America, the immigration policy has affected all aspects of society in terms of growth and development of economy, societal issues, and national security. As the immigration policy is a broad topic among senators, it needs to be prioritize for it to be better understood. In doing so will improve the immigration policy and grasp the significance of its impact in America. Many of the values that brings America together as a nation, is due to immigration. America is a melting potRead MoreEssay on The Impact of Latin American Immigration on America1553 Words   |  7 Pages Immigration is the process of entry of individuals into a new country (23). Throughout past centuries, immigration has been a means of discovery and exploration of new lands. In today’s culture, immigration to the United States is an avenue for individuals who wish to start new lives and take advantage of the capitalistic, entrepreneurial system. People from many countries have migrated into the United States. Most recently, the migrants have come from Central and South AmericanRead MoreThe Impact Of Immigration On The United States Of America Essay1707 Words   |  7 Pagesfamily of eighteen boarded a ship leaving their homeland of Chiette Abruzzi, Italy. Headed for a nation they had only heard about in the newspapers, each member of the family bore thei r own excitement and reservation. The history of immigration to the United States of America was seen at unprecedented numbers during the late eighteen hundreds and early twentieth century. Families from Italy, Ireland, Germany, Poland, and numerous other nations flocked to the west by the millions, in hopes of discoveringRead MoreMedia Reaction to Immigration1471 Words   |  6 PagesMedia Reaction to Immigration Name Course Date Submitted Media Reaction to Immigration: The issue of illegal immigration is one of the hotly debated topics in almost every facet of society, especially among political leaders. This topic has also received huge media attention and reaction in the recent past including an article written by William Finnegan and published by The New Yorker. The article focuses on addressing the issue of borderlines and is based on the move by 17 Congress membersRead MoreDanielle Grieco. Ms. Mahoney. English 8 Aap B.1. 5 May1317 Words   |  6 PagesDanielle Grieco Ms. Mahoney English 8 AAP B.1 5 May 2017 The Impact of People and Policy on Immigration Americans display the most admirable level of responsibility of which many countries are envious. Whether it comes to family, economics or self-accountability, citizens of the U.S. consistently exhibit high standards for being responsible. Imitating America, immigrants from foreign countries that are undergoing arduous economical or physical circumstances must take the only step they know willRead MoreImmigration Is A Part Of Globalization Essay1067 Words   |  5 PagesImmigration has always been a part of globalization, starting from the first land occupants hat occupied the world in prehistoric times. These nomads would often move from place to place in search for their food and a more comfortable place to live, and at the same time leaving a major impact on the culture and way of life in a certain area. In those times it was essential for people to migrate to new areas to succeed in surviving. Today, with the worldwide movement, people are constrained to migrateRead MoreThe Soci al Issues That Affect All Citizens Of The United1479 Words   |  6 PagesCitizens of the United States of America in 2017 In the early months of 2017, the United States of America has already faced a crucial change, the election of a new president. The election of President Trump will impact social issues that affect citizens of the United States of America. For example, the two most important social issues that will impact citizens of the United States of America in 2017 include immigration and health care. Another aspect that affects immigration and health care in the UnitedRead MoreUnderstanding Americans Perspective Toward Immigration Essay1362 Words   |  6 PagesUnderstanding Americans’ Perspective toward Immigration Introduction It is no astonishingly to observe that the American population has increased enormously in the last fifteen years. Nevertheless, the massive population growth has occurred due to the arrival of immigrants at a large scale. The Pew Hispanic Center published that from 2005 to 2015, immigrants and their offspring born in the America contributed 45 percent to its total population growth. Within this group of immigrants, Latino immigrantsRead MorePoliticians And Immigration Reform : Donald Trump Essay1292 Words   |  6 PagesPoliticians’ and Immigration Reform Donald Trump, usually well-known for his absurd and preposterous laws, is our president- elect and had many things to say about a lot of laws in America at the moment but mostly immigration.   Immigration is a topic where America and its people are divided as a whole just because of the simple fact they choose to look at it from a negative standpoint and not a positive one. â€Å"The U.S. immigrant population stood at more than 42.4 million, or 13.3 percent, of the

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Convicted Child Killer Darlie Routier Guilty or Railroaded

Darlie Routier is on death row in Texas, convicted of the murder of one of her two sons, Devon and Damon Routier, who were killed in the early morning of June 6, 1996. The media coverage of the murder investigation depicted Routier as another psychopath or heartless mother whose children were getting in the way of her lifestyle, so she killed them for money. Thats also how books such as Precious Angels by Barbara Davis, and the prosecutors at her trial portrayed Darlie Routier. Most found it believable in the aftermath of the Susan Smith case two years earlier. Since her conviction, Darlie and her family have learned a whole lot more about the legal system and have presented a far different picture than was originally shown by the press. Even Barbara Davis changed her mind about the case and added a chapter to her book disputing the prosecutors case. Read both sides and decide for yourself if this young woman is the she-devil portrayed by the prosecutors and press, or a woman naive of the inner workings of the legal system. Darlie and Darin Routier Darlie and Darin Routier were high-school sweethearts who married in August 1988, after Darlie completed high school. By 1989, they had their first boy, Devon Rush, and in 1991, Damon Christian, their second son was born As their family grew, so did Darins computer-related business and the family moved to an affluent area known as Dalrock Heights Addition in Rowlett, Texas. Life was going well for the Routiers and they celebrated their successes by surrounding themselves with expensive items such as a new Jaguar, a cabin cruiser, lush furnishings, jewelry, and clothing. After a few years of living an affluent lifestyle, Darins business began to falter and with it came financial problems for the couple. Rumors began that the couples relationship was in trouble and there was talk of extramarital affairs. Friends said Darlie, obsessed with her appearance, reportedly had little patience for the children. Despite the rumors, on October 18, 1995, the couple had their third son Drake, after which Darlie experienced postpartum depression. Desperate to lose the weight she had gained during pregnancy she began taking diet pills which failed to help and contributed to her mood swings. She confided to Darin about having suicidal thoughts and the two began talking and reviewing their future. Things were looking fixable for the young couple. But with this hopeful period was cut short by a tragedy  that no one could have predicted.   The Murder of Devon and Damon Around 2:30 in the morning on June 6, 1996, the Rowlett Police received an emergency call from the Routier home. Darlie was screaming that she and her two boys had been stabbed by an intruder and her boys were dying. Darin Routier, awakened by the Darlies screams, ran down the stairs into the family room, where just hours before he had left his wife and two sons lying by the television. Now, as he entered, all he saw was the blood-soaked bodies of his two sons and his wife. Darin tried to save Devon, who was not breathing. As reported by Barbara Davis, Torn between two sons, the horrified father momentarily panicked, then made the decision to begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the son who was not breathing. Darin placed his hand over Devons nose and breathed into his childs mouth. Blood sprayed back onto the fathers face. Damon, with deep gashes in his chest, struggled for air. The house filled with paramedics and police. The paramedics began trying to save the children as the police searched the home for the intruder who Darlie said had run in the direction of the attached garage. Policeman David Waddell and Sergeant Matthew Walling noted a bloody knife on the kitchen counter, Darlies purse and expensive jewelry lying near it, a slash in the screen of a window in the garage, and splattered blood on the floor. The medics were unable to save either child. The knife thrusts left deep gashes in the boys chests and punctured their lungs. Gasping for air, they both suffered horrible deaths. Darlies wounds—more superficial and not life-threatening—were temporarily patched up while Darlie told the police of the horrific events that unfolded just an hour earlier. Darlie Routier stood on her porch in her blood-soaked nightgown and told the police what she remembered about the attack that had just occurred to her and her two sons. She said that an intruder had entered their home and mounted her while she slept. When she woke up, she screamed and fought with him, fighting off his blows. She said he then fled toward the garage and that was when she noticed her two sons who were covered in blood. She said she had heard nothing while they were being attacked. She described the intruder as medium-to-tall height, dressed in a black T-shirt, black jeans, and a baseball cap. Darlie and Darin were then taken to the hospital and the Rowlett Police Department seized the house and began their investigation. Within 11 days of the murder of Devon and Damon, the Rowlett Police Department arrested Darlie Routier, charging her with capital murder of her sons. The prosecutor’s case against Darlie was presented with these key issues: Coroner Janice Townsend-Parchman testified that the boys wounds were savage and deep, but described Darlies as hesitation wounds, possibly self-inflicted.Paramedic Larry Byford said Darlie never asked about the condition of her children when she was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.Charles Hamilton, a fingerprint expert who examined the scene, said that the only prints found belonged to Darlie and her children.Tom Bevel, a blood expert, testified that the blood on Darlies nightshirt belonged to her sons. It had been sprayed on her and he suggested that this could happen as she raised her arms upward in a stabbing motion.Nurses from the hospital testified that Darlie did not demonstrate grief towards the loss of her sons. They claimed she seemed more concerned with making a point to say she picked up the knife off the kitchen floor, which put her prints on the knife.Also mentioned was the blood found under a vacuum cleaner and blood spots on the cleaner itself, indicating t hat the vacuum cleaner had been placed there after the crime was committed.Charles Linch, a trace-evidence expert, said it was impossible for an intruder to leave that scene without a trail of blood. There was no blood found outside the Routier home.FBIs special agent Al Brantley testified that the window screen that was cut could have merely been removed by an intruder. Also that Darlies expensive jewelry had been left untouched, discounting robbery as a motive. As to the motive being rape, he said that a rapist would have used her children as leverage to get her to submit, not killed them. And finally, he addressed the savagery of the stabbing of the boys and said that in his opinion, it was a personal attack done with extreme anger, not by a stranger. Darlie took the stand against the advice of her counsel. They asked her why she told different versions of the story to different policemen. They asked about her dog, which barks at strangers but didnt bark when the intruder entered her home. They asked her why her kitchen was cleaned but under testing showed remnants of blood all over. To most of the questions, Darlie answered that she didnt remember or didnt know. The jury found Darlie Routier guilty of the murder and sentenced her to death. The prosecutions case against Darlie Routier was circumstantial and based on experts who theorized about evidence collected or viewed at the crime scene. The prosecution did what it set out to do, which was to get the jury to find Darlie guilty of murder, but was all the evidence shown to the jury? If not, why wasnt it? Websites that support Darlie Routiers appeal list many issues and facts that have come to light after her trial that, if true, would appear to provide enough evidence that a new trial would be appropriate. Some of those issues include: The attorney that represented Darlie Routier at trial had an apparent conflict of interest because he reportedly had a pre-arrangement with Darin Routier and other family members not to pursue any defense that could implicate Darin. This attorney allegedly stopped key experts for the defense from completing forensic examinations. Other areas of concern which were never brought to the attention of the jury include the pictures of Darlies cuts and bruises on her arms which were taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders. At least one juror told reporters he would never have voted to convict if he had seen the photographs. Bloody fingerprints have been found that do not belong to Darlie, Darin, the children or any of the police or other people in the Routier house the night of the murder. This contradicts testimony given during her trial that there were no fingerprints found outside the home. Questions Her Defense Team Want to Be Answered A bloody fingerprint was found on the living room table. Who does it belong to?There was a bloody fingerprint on the door of the garage. Who does it belong to?Darin Routiers jeans had blood on them. Whose blood is it?A pubic hair was found in the Routier living room. Who does it belong to?How did the blood on Darlies nightshirt get there and whose is it?Did the police get debris on the knife in the kitchen while investigating the murder or did it come from the screen door? Darin Routier has admitted to trying to arrange an insurance scam, which included someone breaking into their home. He has admitted that he had begun the initial steps to arrange a break-in, but that it was to be done when no one was at home. No jury has heard this admission. The incriminating Birthday Party film that was viewed by the jury showed Darlie dancing on the graves of her son along with other family members, but did not include the filming of the hours previous to that scene when Darlie sobbed and grieved over the graves with her husband Darin. Why was the additional footage not shown to the jury? Neighbors reported seeing a black car sitting in front of the Routier home a week before the murders took place. Other neighbors reported seeing the same car leaving the area on the night of the murders. Were these reports investigated by police? Investigators during her trial invoked their fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination during cross-examination, preventing the defense from rebutting their testimony. What did these investigators fear by being cross-examined? There was some discussion about the police not protecting the evidence as they collected it which could have possibly damaged its origins. Did this really occur? More Questions That Need Answers The screen which investigators reported to the press as being cut from the inside was later proven in court to be cut from the outside.When the paramedics arrived at the scene they said that Darin Routier was outside, but Darin was inside trying to save his children. Who was the man outside?Was the testimony from the nurses in the hospital coached and rehearsed in mock trials by the prosecution prior to their testimony, as it has been reported?The surgeon who operated on Darlie said that the cut in her neck was 2mm of the carotid sheath but was superficial to the carotid artery. The necklace she was wearing was damaged as a result of the wound but it also blocked the knife from going deeper into her neck. Did the jury get a clear understanding as to the seriousness of her wounds?Was there an improper read-back of testimony to the jury by the court reporter, due to mistakes she made in the transcript?The prosecution has reportedly refused to provide access to any evidence in their cus tody in the case. Why is it not readily available to all interested parties?The advancements in DNA testing could put many of these questions to rest. Why is there such a reluctance to do the testing?Some writers who have interviewed Darlie Routier have decided to help her fight to get a new trial. Since reporting their opinions on her situation, they report that their ability to visit her has been blocked or made so inconvenient that little can be accomplished.

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Case #1 Cca (Board of Directors) Free Essays

BUSN7045: Corporate Governance Case Study 1 Jiachen Lyu u5264027 1 Evaluation of the Board of Directors of Coca-Cola Amatil Jiachen Lyu Student ID: u5264027 1. Basic analysis – a macro perspective From the publicly open information, the member composition of the Board Of Directors (BOD) of Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) can be summarised as the following table (Table 1- 1). It can be easily seen that non-executive directors account for the majority of the board. We will write a custom essay sample on Case #1: Cca (Board of Directors) or any similar topic only for you Order Now According to Tricker (1994), this particular composition is of a typical American kind, which is specifically designed to emphasis the independence among members in the board and their loyalty to the shareholders. Table 1-1 Composition of Board of Directors Compan y Name Total direc tor No. Executi ve director Nonexecuti ve directo r Composition of non-executive directors Exper t direct ors Chairma n of other compani es Investment agency representati ves Individu al investor s Coca- Cola Amatil 9 1 8 8 2 3 0 However, it is worth noting that this particular formation is a result of the highly developed American capital market. In such a market, the frequency of hostile takeover is so common a market phenomenon that masks the lack of BOD’s function. In American companies’ management practice, people focus more on centralisation and expert system, which reduces the importance of executive directors. Comparing with the U. S. , both the turnover of Australian stock market and the frequency of hostile takeover are low, which posts a shadow on the adaption of Cola’s American empirical practice into Australia. 2. Focus on non-executive directors The non-executive directors are directors who are employed from the outside. They are normally specialist in areas such as strategic management, finance, investment, legal and public relation. In order to better fulfil the duties of a BOD, National Association of Corporate Directors Blue Ribbon Commission emphasises that each director should contribute his knowledge in at least a field listed below: (1) accounting and finance, (2) judgment, (3) management skills, (4) crisis response, (5) industrial knowledge, (6) experience in international markets, (7) leadership, and (8) strategic vision. According to this point of BUSN7045: Corporate Governance Case Study 1 Jiachen Lyu u5264027 2 view, it can be analysed from the information available on the CCA’s website as Table 2-1: Table 2-1 Appraisal of CCA’s non-executive directors D. G . I. A . C. B . A. F . M. J . G. K . W. K. D. M . Judgment Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Management skills Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Crisis Response Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Industrial Knowledge N N N Y Y Y N N Experience in the international market N N N Y Y Y N N Leadership Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Strategic vision Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Abbreviation: David Gonski (D. G. ), Ilana Atlas (I. A. ), Catherine Brenner (C. B. ), Anthony Froggatt (A. F. ), Martin Jansen (M. J. ), Geoffrey Kelly (G. K. ), Wal King (W. K. ), David Meiklejohn (D. K. ). From Table 2-1, it is clear that some finance and law background non-executive directors (i. e. D. G. and I. A. ) lack of knowledge in beverage industry and have little experience in international markets. When they were facing situations that need industrial judgement and global vision, the limit of their knowledge would be likely to hurt the interest of shareholders. Most non-executive directors, due to their insufficient knowledge about the inner working of the company, tend to rely on financial criteria rather than innovation criteria to evaluate the long-term management of the enterprise, which may lead to short-sighted decisions and further hurt the goodwill and innovation of CCA. Furthermore, most aforementioned non-executive directors are quite busy as they may be managers of other companies or partners of investment banks, they therefore do not have sufficient time to collect detailed management information about CCA. Consequently, the most probable channel of their source of CCA’s information is from the managers. Ironically, while the purpose of establishing a BOD is to solve principleagent problems between the ownership and management, the possible information asymmetry between manager and BOD (thanks to the large proportion of busy nonexecutive directors) may result this vehicle into null. From a strategic perspective, on the other hand, all these non-executive directors as experts in finance, investment, legal issues and science have long term experience, most of whom are over 50 year’s old. They can provide more specific knowledge and advice in terms of strategic management. This is the positive effect of having eight nonexecutive directors in the BOD of CCA. References: Bol Tricker. , Corporate Governance, An International View, p. 20, Prentice Hall, 1994. How to cite Case #1: Cca (Board of Directors), Papers

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Information Security Policies-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignment

Question: Discuss about the IT Security Management. Answer: Identification and Ranking of Assets There were various important information assets that were involved for completing as well as exceeding expectations in my academic performance. The several information assets that were involved for completing this assignment are given below People Data and Information Software Hardware According to the priority of the assets, they are listed below: Information Assets Criterion 1: Contribution to me Criterion 2: Contribution to my academic performance Weighted Score Criterion Weight (1-100) 40 60 Software 1.0 1.0 100 Hardware 0.9 0.9 90 Data and Information 0.7 0.8 75 People 0.5 0.3 40 The software and hardware are the most important information assets that were required towards the completion of this assignment. Next, comes the data and information. It is ranked in three in my assets ranking. The weighted score of this particular asset is 75. This information and data were extremely important to understand the value of the assignment and also towards my academic performance. The final information asset is the people. It has the weighted score of 40. Threats Threats are the most vulnerable risks that can occur to any person or any asset. For this assignment, there are few threats that can occur to my group for not completing the assignment. These threats with proper examples are given below: Threats Examples Compromise to intellect Piracy, copying Deviation in quality in our group performance Failure There are few threats for me as well if I will not be able to participate fully in the assignment. They are as follows: Threats Examples Compromise to my intellect and knowledge Less marks, Lack of knowledge Deviation in my career Failure Threat Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet There are few possible vulnerabilities to all the threats identified for me and my group members. They are listed below: Threats Possible Vulnerabilities Compromise to intellect Due to the unsatisfactorily completion of the assignment, our career would be affected. Deviation in quality in our group performance Even if one person does not work properly, the entire group performance would be hampered. Compromise to my intellect and knowledge If I will not be able to participate in the assignment completely, it would be affecting my intellect and knowledge. Deviation in my career When I will not be able to learn anything new, there would a straight downfall in my career. The Threat Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet or TVA worksheet depicts a clear view of the priority of threats to the various assets. Software Hardware Data and Information People Compromise to intellect Deviation in quality in our group performance Compromise to my intellect and knowledge Deviation in my career Priority of Controls 1 2 Risk Worksheet Severity Negligible small/unimportant; not likely to have a major effect on the operation of the event / no bodily injury to requiring minor first aid injury Marginal minimal importance; has an effect on the operation of event but will not affect the event outcome / requires medical treatment Critical serious/important; will affect the operation of the event in a negative way / suffers serious injuries or medical treatment of minors Catastrophic maximum importance; could result in disaster/death; WILL affect the operation of the event in a negative way / death, dismemberment or serious injury to minors Probability LOW This risk has rarely been a problem and never occurred at a college event of this nature Compromise to intellect (1) Deliberate Software Attacks (4) Technological Obsolescence (6) Act of human error or failure (10) MEDIUM This risk will MOST LIKELY occur at this event Compromise in my knowledge and intellect(2) Technical Hardware Failures (5) Deliberate acts of information extortion (8) Deviation in the quality in our group performance (11) HIGH This risk WILL occur at this event, possibly multiple times, and hasoccurred in the past Technical software failures or errors (3) Deliberate acts of theft (7) Deliberate acts of sabotage or vandalism (9) Deviation in career (12) List All Activities Your activity name Associated Risk(s) Risk(s) associated with the activity Severity Level of impact on the trip and students Probability The chances of that risk happening Risk Score Risk score, found by combining impact and probability on the risk matrix Meeting all requirements 1. Sending wrong deliverables. 2. Not understanding requirements 1. Negligible 2. Negligible 1. Low 2. Low 1. Low 2. Low Completing within deadline 1. Not meeting all requirements. 2. Stuck on any particular step 1. Critical 2. Medium 1. Low 2. Medium 1. Medium 2. High Group participation 1. Absence of any one group member. 2. Reduction in quality and efficiency. 1. Catastrophic 2. High 1. Low 2. Critical 1. High 2. Risks Control and Residual Worksheet Activities Identified Risks Initial Risk Level Develop Controls Residual Risk Level Management Strategy 1. Meeting all requirements 1. Sending wrong deliverables Low Resending the deliverables Critical Checking from the supervisor and sending new deliverables. 2. Not understanding requirements. Negligible Asking from the supervisor or other team members High Immediately clarify from the seniors, supervisor or team members 2. Completing within deadline 1. Not meeting all requirements. Critical Asking for more time. High Asking more time from the supervisor for properly completing it by fulfilling all requirements. 2. Stuck on any particular step Medium Taking help from supervisor. Low Taking help from supervisor or other team members. 3. Group Participation 1. Absence if any one group member. Catastrophic Contacting him or her. Low Trying to contact that group member 2. Reduction in quality and efficiency High Trying to make up the loophole in quality and efficiency. High Immediately trying for adding another group member for managing the lack of quality and efficiency. Bibliography Alexander, D., Finch, A., Sutton, D. (2013, June). Information security management principles. BCS. Covello, V. T., Merkhoher, M. W. (2013).Risk assessment methods: approaches for assessing health and environmental risks. Springer Science Business Media. Crossler, R. E., Johnston, A. C., Lowry, P. B., Hu, Q., Warkentin, M., Baskerville, R. (2013). Future directions for behavioral information security research.computers security,32, 90-101. Lee, S. S. (2014). Management information systems.Management,166137(01), 02. Li, W. (2014).Risk assessment of power systems: models, methods, and applications. John Wiley Sons. Peltier, T. R. (2016).Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards: guidelines for effective information security management. CRC Press. Rhodes-Ousley, M. (2013).Information security: the complete reference. McGraw Hill Education. Sennewald, C. A., Baillie, C. (2015).Effective security management. Butterworth-Heinemann. Soomro, Z. A., Shah, M. H., Ahmed, J. (2016). Information security management needs more holistic approach: A literature review.International Journal of Information Management,36(2), 215-225. Suter II, G. W. (2016).Ecological risk assessment. CRC press. Von Solms, R., Van Niekerk, J. (2013). From information security to cyber security.computers security,38, 97-102.

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AIDS in Africa essays

AIDS in Africa essays Seventy-four percent of the AIDS population is found in Africa. One in ten adults living in Africa is now infected with HIV, and in certain places in southern Africa, at least one in four adults are infected. Not only does AIDS affect the immediate victims, but in Africa, it frequently is passed on to the children. An estimated 1,700 new infections occur each day. The infection rates among newborns are high. Furthermore, AIDS orphans many children. Rape victims have a high risk of testing positive for HIV, which is especially sad for a country where such a crime is widespread. Even in mutual relationships, the females often would like to use a sort of protection; well males do not wish to do so. When a female condom was available in a few parts of Africa, they disappeared in frenzy. Many problems contribute to poor conditions, and subsequently, AIDS is a problem for every one of Africas citizens. (MSNBC) For a while, part of the problem was lack of education, but programs such as the International Aids Vaccine Initiative (a charity dedicated to raising money for AIDS vaccine research, patenting the rights and distributing the vaccine at low cost) are currently working on improving that. IAVI is dedicated to trying to implement programs that will be able to distribute the AIDS vaccine as soon as one is found. The worry that access to treatment may not be available quickly where it is most needed is founded in past experiences. For instance, the Hepatitis B vaccine, which was first patented in the early 1980s, is still not available in many poor countries. Therefore, many believe that an AIDS vaccine will sooner protect people in rich countries than those where the epidemic is becoming totally out of control. With current vaccine research employing expensive new technologies, initial prices of new vaccines against AIDS may be significantly higher than those for Hepatitis B. If those lower cost drugs are not...

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Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Acrostic Poem

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Acrostic Poem Are you in need of a quick and easy Thanksgiving lesson plan to share with your students in the week before Thanksgiving? Consider practicing acrostic poetry with your students. Acrostic poetry is great for building vocabulary and exercising creativity.   An acrostic poem uses the letters in a word to begin each line of the poem. All of the lines of the poem relate to or somehow describe the main topic word. Here are a few quick tips to consider. Model the format of acrostic poems with your students. Work together to write a collective acrostic poem on the whiteboard. You can use the sample below.Give your students a Thanksgiving-related word so that they can write their own acrostic poem. Consider: gratitude, thank you, Thanksgiving, thankful, blessings, or grateful. Discuss the meaning of these words and the true meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday.Give your students time to write their acrostic poems. Circulate and offer guidance as needed. Offer help but do not give students any phrases or sentences; let them do that on their own.If you have time, allow the students to illustrate their poems. This project makes a great bulletin board display for November, especially if you do it early in the month! Your students can even give their gratitude poems to family members as a creative way of saying thank you for all they do. Sample Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem Here are a few samples of Thanksgiving acrostic poems. Sample number three is written for someone. Sample No. 1 G - Giving me tasty food to eatR - Reading to me before I go to bedA - Always working hard for our familyT - Treating me sweetlyI - I appreciate you!T - Tucking me into bed at nightU - Understanding me when Im upsetD - Doing the right thingsE - Excellent parents! Sample No. 2 T - urkey time (I love the white meat!)H - oping the weather will stay coolA - untie’s pumpkin pie is my favoriteN -   ine plates around the family dinner tableK - eeping family traditions aliveS - tuffing my tummy with my nanas super stuffingG - iving thanks for my family and friendsI - nviting our elderly neighbors over so they won’t be lonelyV   - egetables that I love are corn and beansI - think I am about to burst from all of the foodN - aps for the babies, grandparents, and all of us!G - ames and laughter throughout the day! Sample No. 3 T - Thank you for alwaysU - Understanding. Thank you for alwaysR - Remembering to beK - Kind, helpful, generous, nice, and respectful ofE - Each other. That is why I am so happy and thankful everyY - Year for everything that you do for me.

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Statistics Canada, Lafour force surve of, Victoria, Bristish Essay

Statistics Canada, Lafour force surve of, Victoria, Bristish coloumbia, Canada - Essay Example Forestry, fishing, mining, quarying, oil and gas industry. In 2003 this industry was on the peak of the employment rates in B.C., before trade dispute between the Unites States and Canada took place. This trade dispute resulted in a drop in the price of lumber to the extremely low point and penalties imposing on shipment of Canadian lumber (Exports 2002). Some of the mills were closed and obviously had its impact on the employment in the B.C. Construction has shown employment growth tendency by 2005 and has achieved its lowest point in 2012 during the whole period from 2003-2013. Obviously, the growth in 2005 in this sector relates to doubling of housing starts in British Columbia, strength in building permits and investment in non-residential building (Labour Force Statistics 2004). Accommodation and food services sector has been a strong sector in the region during 2004-2005, however in 2005 there was observed continuous decline of the employment share in this sector. However, by 2006 this sector had one of the largest shares of the workforce even during its falling in 2006. Statistics Canada (2013). Table 282-0061 – Labour force survey estimates (LFS), employment by economic region and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), annual (persons). Available at